Ukraine donated CryptoPunk NFT for $100k

Ukraine Minister of Digital Transformation, Alex Bornyakov yesterday announced on Twitter that CryptoPunk NFT generously sent in support of the Ukrainian people the last march was...

Snoop Dogg continues to expand his entries into NFTs

American Rapper has submitted two NFTs, and attorney Mike Kondoudis posted on social media that rapper Snoop Dogg filed NFT. Famous American Rapper...

NFTs will be subject to Chinese censorship

The government wants to start keeping track of "digital collectibles." While China's prohibition on cryptocurrency mining remains in place, crypto, including non-fungible assets,...

Arizona State University alludes to prospective metaverse coursework

Arizona State University (ASU) has hinted at a prospective metaverse entrance. In conjunction with many metaverse-related goods and services, the university applied for seven trademarks with the...

Fujian, a Chinese province, has issued a new guideline on NFT trading

The "Working Group of Fujian Province to Clean Up and Rectify Various Trading Venues on Preventing NFT Violations" has issued a "Reminder Letter" that has been widely...

Seth Green’s Stolen BAYC Is Returned: Report

Seth Green’s stolen BAYC is back home after being stolen a few months ago as we reported previously in our cryptocurrency news. The...

NFT domains with the suffix «.blockchain» are for sale

Domains in the ".blockchain" zone are available through the platform and network name provider Unstoppable Domains. They are capable of receiving and sending digital money.

The BAYC collection is no longer available

Non-fungible token issuance has been restricted by Yuga Labs, the company behind the famous BAYC NFT collection. The creators revoked the smart contract...

BYONFT: Bring your own non-fungible token

0 The Fronks project was a generative NFT project that launched in April 2022 and seemingly went dark for a couple of months. Their Twitter...

The value of Johnny Depp’s NFT collection has risen

Fans of actor Johnny Depp bought NFTs from the Never Fear Truth collection in large quantities to commemorate his win in the case against his ex-wife.

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