WeWork Founder Raised $70M For Carbon Credit Crypto Platform

WeWork founder raised $70 million for a carbon credit crypto platform and Adam Neumann is back with a new startup that will offer a new token...

Pharrell Williams shares his insights about Web3, says it is scaring the traditional system

Famous American music rapper and producer, Pharrell Williams, was among the speakers at the VeeCon NFT event over the weekend.Williams gave his opinion on how Web3 will...

Crypto Valley Venture Capital Funded A African Blockchain Startup

Crypto Valley venture capital investors funded an African Blockchain startup and it outpaced the investments in other venture fundings so let’s read more today in our latest...

Ethereum’s Merge Is Coming In August If Everything Goes To Plan

Ethereum’s merge is coming in August if everything goes to plan according to the developers of the network so let’s find out more in today’s latest Ethereum...

Crypto motivates people to exercise, according to research

According to FitRated, a fitness website, blockchain technology is a superior fitness motivator than traditional monetary incentives, according to a recent poll of over 1000 participants.

On Polygon, Aave offers an open-source platform for social networking DApps

The news comes a month after Aave founder Stani Kulechov was removed from Twitter for making a joke about becoming the company's interim CEO.

Cloudflare Starts Work on Next-gen Web3 Networks With Experiments on Ethereum Nodes

Cloudflare, a cybersecurity giant, is slated to activate and fully stake Ethereum validator nodes in the next months, ahead of Ethereum’s highly anticipated migration to proof-of-stake...

After the new ATH mining difficulty, BTC is the most resilient blockchain

After setting a new all-time high in mining difficulty of 31.251 trillion, the Bitcoin network has managed to distance itself from the hysteria surrounding planned attacks...

Flow Launched a $725M Fund Backed by a16z, DCG, Coatue

The joint venture, focused on supporting over 7,500 developers working on the Flow network, will offer accelerators and incubators, investments, and FLOW token grants.

The governor of Utah has signed a law establishing a blockchain and digital innovation...

Utah Governor Spenser Cox has signed a bill that would allow the state to establish a blockchain and digital innovation task force. In February, the law,...

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