Ethereum is unaffected by the crypto winter. Despite the slow market, 500 thousand new addresses were added to the blockchain last week.

This pattern has been repeated for numerous weeks. As a result, the blockchain’s total number of addresses has surpassed 200 million. As of June 8, this information is available through the Dune analysis platform.

According to analysts, other qualitative indices of Ethereum reveal a decline. As a result, in May 2022, the TVL indicator (the quantity of blocked money in projects) declined by 35%. This cryptocurrency’s market domination has also dwindled, falling to 17.74 percent on June 6, the lowest level since October last year.

The quantity of blockchain transactions has also fallen. This amount had risen to 43 thousand by the end of last month, and as of June 8, according to Glassnode on Twitter, 41.45 thousand transactions have taken place on the blockchain.

According to CoinMarketCap, Ethereum is now trading at $1,800 at the time of writing. This statistic is up 1.5 percent from the previous 24 hours. Over the day, the market’s trading volume grew by 14.51 percent to $22 billion.


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