The MetaMask wallet team has teamed up with Asset Reality to assist crypto theft victims in recovering their assets.

The Asset Reality firm is conducting crypto-investigations in the hopes of recovering monies stolen by hackers. The firm will develop a list of addresses of fraud victims in collaboration with MetaMask to follow the transfer of funds, block them, and return them to their rightful owners.

According to the crypto wallet team, participants in phishing efforts are the major targets of hacker assaults. They click on links posted on the network by attackers to join an airdrop or promotion. However, the hacker takes bitcoin from their MetaMask account when they log in.

They must request an investigation to receive assistance. Asset Reality staff will receive information about phishing sites and lost cash via MetaMask. They will examine the data, investigate the violation, and communicate with the victims directly.

The portal will also include a variety of teaching tools and content geared at boosting user awareness of phishing assaults.


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