Iconic whiskey brand Johnnie Walker’s parent company, DIAGEO has entered into a marquee partnership with the VeeFriends NFT Collection. 

Limited Edition Bottles For “Gift Goat” Holders 

Under the partnership, all holders of the exclusive VeeFriends “Gift Goat” NFT will be receiving a luxury gifting experience sponsored by Johnnie Walker. Furthermore, the liquor giant will be hosting an activation at the upcoming VeeCon superconference. This collab between Johnnie Walker and VeeFriends, which is Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT collection, was facilitated by VaynerNFT, the NFT arm of his creative and media agency, VaynerX.

The Johnnie Walker partnership has meant a lot for self-proclaimed liquor enthusiast Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee. His VeeFriends NFT collection features 268 different characters like the Gift Goat, which is one of the many VeeFriends sub-collections with its own unique utility. Holders of any of these 555 total Gift Goat tokens will receive a minimum of six physical gifts per year, for three years, including limited edition bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue. 

Johnnie Walker Exploring Web 3

The collab is one of the many initiatives being pursued by DIAGEO to explore and expand into Web 3 for enhanced customer experience. 

The Senior Vice President of Whiskies at DIAGEO North America, Sophie Kelly, pointed out, 

“Web3 offers DIAGEO an opportunity to meet new communities and customers where they are in culture. It also offers an exciting new space to provide spirits enthusiasts with access to the most rare and collectible spirits in our portfolio. Our customers can expect to see more from us on this front as we look to Web 3 to release the most luxurious and sought after spirits we have to offer.”

Johnnie Walker At VeeCon

The brand deal extends beyond the Gift Goat tokens. VeeCon, the world’s first NFT-ticketed conference held for VeeFriends holders, will also allow attendees to participate in a special Johnnie Walker activation. The multi-day conference will feature brands other than Johnnie Walker, and anyone lucky enough to secure an NFT ticket to the event could find themselves attending the most talked-about NFT event of the year. 

Despite his legendary status in the NFT market, Gary Vee has recently been in the news for some controversial comments about these assets. According to him, the demand for NFTs purely as collectibles is dying down. He believes that only NFTs that open up further experiences or offer more than just bragging rights will be the ones that survive the market. 

He said, 

“People will stop talking about NFTs as NFTs, and the focus will shift to what they actually offer. Instead of just fixating on the term, we’ll look at what the digital objects can do for us.”



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