An anonymous attacker attacked the Fei Protocol and Rari Capital pools, stealing $80 million by altering the blockchain. The hacker was approached by project teams who offered him a $10 million incentive if he returned the stolen property. There was no response.

This week’s hacks did not end with the DEUS Finance DAO DeFi initiative, which we previously reported. According to blockchain analytics firm BlockSec, a hack against Fei Protocol and Rari Capital on Saturday resulted in an even bigger loss of assets.

It’s important mentioning that the intrusion was initially reported by BlockSec staff. The firm announced the hack on Twitter. Following that, officials from the Fei protocol validated the information and temporarily halted lending to avoid further damage.

A fraudster stole Wrapped ETH, according to BlockSec. Then I took them to the Tornado Cash mixer, which we previously discussed. As a result, believing that the attacker will restore the stolen monies is pointless.

According to analysts, the number of breaches and the amount of money taken in 2022 may exceed those in 2021. More than $1 billion was taken in the first quarter of this year, including the blockchain hacking of the crypto game Axie Infinity.


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