Cardano grapples with $0.524 level with the bullish trajectory upcoming and the prices show that the bulls are trying to overpower the market and diminish the bearish trend so the ADA prices were lingering steadily after rejection at the $0.628 so let’s read more today in latest Cardano ada news.

There has been a market price drop of 7% in the market that was seen the previous days as the bearish trend took over. The current market trading level is set at $0.524 which is pivotal as there’s a slight power struggle between the bulls and the bears.  Support was capped at $0.50 with the bulls trying to get the prices to surge higher. In the meantime, the bears are not the type to throw in the towel as they try to go sell at higher prices. With these price movements, the market is looking at some more volatility especially since the bears and bulls trying to outpace and outperform each other.

cardano ADA
ADA 24-hour Price Chart (Source: coingecko)

Everyone should keep an eye on the critical level at $0.5 where a break below this trajectory will see prices dropping to as low as $0.45 but once it breaks above the price of $0.628, the prices will go up to $0.70. the 24-hour price analysis of ADA reveals a robust price battle with the bulls trying to take over the market which was met with an instant bearish pressure. The opposing forces can elicit volatile activity that is seen in the near term as the bulls tried to get the friction to work. The trading volume seen in the ADA/USD pair is set at $398,204 with the global marekt cap set at $17.69 billion. The pair is at position 8 and is overshadowing the 1.41 of the other digital assets.

The ADA/USD pair is seen to comment and to conquer with some better figures this week considering the consolidation period where the bulls got ready to dominate the market. The bulls and the bears were trying to grip the rope tighter as they tried to lead the market. The bulls are back after the $0.628 resistance levels as Cardano grapples with the new levels, and the prices will need to find the right grip or support at the $0.5 level to prevent more slides to the downsides.



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