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The Dutch police seized non-fungible tokens for the first time in history as part of an inquiry into the leakage of private information.

Since the beginning of March, police have conducted two raids in two cities in the country’s north as part of the investigation (Weesp and Hilversum). The raids resulted in the arrest of two males aged 19 and 23, who were accused of buying personal data unlawfully. They stole NFTs and cryptocurrencies from their owners using the information they got.

The authorities did not say which non-fungible tokens were seized or how they got their hands on them. According to experts, the police most likely obtained access to the private keys of those accused of crimes due to a court ruling. This allowed for the seizure of NFTs.

Law enforcement officers do not yet have a clear strategy for dealing with digital assets that have been seized. It’s unclear how to assess their worth. The Netherlands’ court will decide on the NFT’s future fate. If the judges agree to the sale, the auction will establish the price.

Remember that the Dutch police are aggressively looking for digital assets that have been plundered. It was feasible to seize money totaling $39 million throughout the inquiry in 2021.


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