Seventy-five percent of emerging market investors say they intend to raise the value of their crypto assets.

Toluna, a think tank business, released some fascinating findings in its 2022 Cryptocurrency Landscape report addressing the acceptance of crypto across several markets. They discovered that up to 75% of respondents in emerging markets want to add more cryptocurrency to their portfolios.

The survey polled 9,000 people from 17 countries about their opinions on cryptocurrencies, their investing patterns, and potential future market initiatives.

Only 23% of respondents claimed to be familiar with crypto, although most respondents (61%) had heard of it. Those who bought cryptocurrencies did so for various reasons: 41% wanted to make quick money, 40% wanted to hold them for the long term, and 33% wanted to diversify their portfolio.

According to the report, investors in developed markets are less likely to invest in digital assets than those in emerging nations. Seventy-five percent of investors from emerging APAC and LATAM markets said they plan to diversify their crypto holdings. This demonstrates that crypto can thrive in emerging economies rather than established ones, indicating that it is still a relatively new phenomenon.

Furthermore, 42% of investors in these new markets said they had already invested in crypto, compared to only 22% of investors in existing markets.

In contrast to the so-called elder “baby boomers,” the poll concludes with the last findings of largely those from a younger generation having trust and having previously invested in crypto. This conclusion is fairly predictable, given that cryptocurrencies are largely accepted as a trend among the young and digitally literate.


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