Opera has announced the release of its browser’s beta version. The app is one of the company’s strategies for bringing users closer to several breakthrough crypto platforms. Users can access platforms such as dApps, metaverse, and others using the most recently available app. According to the business, the browser will be available for Windows, Android, and Mac devices.

Opera wants to encourage people to use cryptocurrency

According to the company’s statement, the new Opera crypto browser has a VPN that does not require a login. The program also includes an ad blocker, ensuring that users’ privacy is protected to the fullest extent possible. Aside from the functionality found in standard browsers, this new one will offer direct access to NFT platforms, decentralized exchanges, and dApps that provide gaming services.

Users who want to use the app to connect to Twitter and Telegram will do so. In a statement, Jorgen Arnesen, Opera’s executive vice president, said that the effort was created out of the necessity to accelerate the crypto sector’s adoption.

Opera now has a built-in wallet

According to Opera, the new app will give consumers faster and more convenient access to various Web3 materials. According to the company, the app would assist consumers in simplifying their onboarding and making the process incredibly simple. Finally, the corporation admits that more individuals need to be onboarded into Web3 to succeed in the decentralized finance sector.

Thanks to a built-in wallet in the browser, users will have control over their private keys. Ethereum currently supports it, but additional partnerships with other platforms will emerge as time passes. MATIC, which recently established a collaboration with Opera, is projected to be the next alliance and integration. The business also stated that consumer feedback from the app’s release and testing would improve the future edition.


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