By embracing well-known musicians, singers, and producers, the crypto market becomes more involved in the music business. Steve Aoki, the head of the DIM Mak record label, recently announced the opening of his NFT space and Metaverse. Since the debut of his first NFT collection in 2021, which raised roughly four million dollars, Aoki has demonstrated his interest in crypto trading.

Steve Aoki’s foray into cryptos appears to be continuing, as he recently unveiled the name of his Metaverse, A0k1VERSE.

A0K1VERSE is a music-based virtual universe

Steve Aoki, the well-known American-Japanese DJ, just announced his metaverse project. Aoki, who hasn’t given up on cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, demonstrates A0K1VERSE, a web2 ecosystem for NFT aficionados that may also be regarded as a social network.

A0K1VERSE will charge a membership fee for the NFTs certification, as well as a premium for digital or hardcopy presentations. Chatting with Aoki, networking with other fans, earning free outfits, playing with toys, accessing NFT auctions, and participating in contests are other metaverse features.

Aoki stated before the launch of the Metaverse that the Blockchain used is critical and will work with the A0K1 units. The ERC-1155 network powers these credits with a maximum supply of 30K.

The initiative would start with selling A0K1VERSE entitlements with NFT schemes pre-selected by the supplier. Invisible Friends, Doge Pound, Deadfellaz, 0N1 Force, Adam Bomb, 3LAU, and others will be featured in this collection.

Steve Aoki speaks about his Metaverse

The music producer does not want any doubts about his A0K1VERSE Metaverse; therefore, he goes into great detail regarding his “Passport” option. According to Steve Aoki, the Manifold NFT firm manages the passport in A0K1VERSE, which corresponds to the universe’s principal function.

Passport is a non-fungible token that will progressively value as the Metaverse evolves. In A0K1VERSE, the Passport option can be earned by redeeming certain A0K1 credits.

The pass to meet Steve Aoki at concerts or digital presentations will be the metaverse passport. These passports must be updated regularly to get the most out of them.

As the NFT trade gets closer to the music industry, Aoki debuts his virtual universe. The producer saw no better option than developing a controlled platform to enhance that bond with non-fungible tokens. Aoki did not provide a specific opening date for A0K1VERSE, but it is expected to happen next week. Meanwhile, the DJ will create a strong virtual realm that will appeal to everyone.


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