For a gamer, what could be better than taking part in gaming competitions? Simple. Taking part in exciting gameplay, and standing the chance to win a Tesla Model 3. 

FortuneJack is a gaming hub with a difference that offers its users an out-of-this-world level of gameplay, based entirely on the blockchain. This competition starts on August 16th and offers its community members the chance to participate in weekly competitions for a whole range of incredible prizes, not least a Tesla.

New and existing loyal gamers playing Sportsbook, casinos, live casinos, and provably fair games (except for dice) can take part in a month packed with competitions and challenges. Each player that wagers $20 gets a raffle ticket to participate in the draw. Additionally, the players with the greatest wagers, multipliers, and wins will also get rewarded, with the top 20 on the leaderboard getting $2500 and 200 raffle tickets. Other players will win free spins and raffle tickets to play other games for free.

Why Game On The Blockchain?

Blockchain-based gaming sites like FortuneJack offer gamers incredible benefits that are just not available for those playing through traditional methods. For one, the blockchain is entirely secure and tamper-proof. The blockchain uses an approach of distributing data through a vast network of computers or nodes, which means they are almost unimpeachable by hackers. 

For two, no one can question the integrity or fairness of gaming over the blockchain, which removes the middle man from the equation and pits gamers directly against one another in a provably fair peer-to-peer format.

For three, the blockchain holds the principle of anonymity at its core, offering gamers an entirely private approach to registering, playing, and winning. This means that no one can see the information of a player’s winnings (including the IRS) or indeed their personal details. And finally, transactions over the blockchain using cryptocurrencies are fast and less expensive than traditional methods.

According to the CEO of FortuneJack, “Users can also enjoy the anonymity and cheap financial transactions that blockchain and crypto offer ensuring anyone with an internet connection can participate.”



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