Ethereum has recently been on a roll, with a slew of new Dapps and projects on the way. While the development and transition to Ethereum 2.0 are presently underway, the following years could be rather promising for Ethereum.

Anthony Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum, is currently serving his time in the crypto business. This is surprising news from the co-founder, who sells his existing links with Decentral and moves on to greater things in life.

Anthony Di Iorio has decided to leave the crypto world.

Anthony Di Iorio states that he will go on to other initiatives and that by 2022, he plans to establish a humanitarian foundation. Although the co-founder did not divulge the cause for his sudden decision, he did say that personal security confirms about 20% of his problems.

Anthony Di Iorio has stated that he wants to move on to newer and “larger difficulties.” He claims that blockchain technology will be utilized to fix these issues and that he will employ the same blockchain technology that he used at Ethereum.

Anthony Di Iorio is going to fund his own business.

Anthony Di Iorio will be moving on to humanitarian endeavors, which the Ethereum co-founder himself will fund. The money earned by the co-founder from the sale of Decentral will amount to a “few million dollars,” which he will put into his next endeavors.

He argues that he does not want to be a “crypto person” and that his major goal is to use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to solve the world’s problems. He’s indicated that he’s recruited public relations firms for the next initiative and that a full-scale launch will soon occur.


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