The Hoard Exchange is launching its NFT marketplace on the Ethereum mainnet today, following its planned roadmap, intending to provide actual ownership of virtual things to its customers.

Hoard users will be able to take advantage of the marketplace’s full-featured and simple-to-use Loan and Stake options from the start. Trade, Build, and Rent are just a few of the capabilities that will be available shortly. In terms of specific dates, Hoard anticipates that the Build and Trade functionality will be available in Q3 2021, and the Rent and Governance elements would be available in Q4 2021.

The exchange’s CEO, Radek Zagórowicz, endorses this goal, noting that the Loans feature is “the first step in the future development of unique NFTs functionalities/utilities that Hoard will deliver in the next months.”

The site concentrates on many NFTs, such as in-game assets, digital art, domain domains, and other such products. To use the NFT platform’s features, NFT owners can either post their NFTs for trade or search for and acquire NFTs that have already been advertised. Users can also use their NFTs that they have uploaded or acquired as collateral for a loan.

NFT owners can obtain crypto funds and even invest them further using the marketplace’s Loan platform. There is a strong chance for lenders to put their stablecoins to work and earn additional profit through interest.

Staking is a feature that incentivizes HRD token holders by allowing them to pay lesser platform fees on the platform, in addition to lending and borrowing. Stakers receive a portion of their platform fees back as staking incentives.


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