Norwegian economist Kari Due-Andresen posted on her twitter post, which suggests that she is also a Bitcoin fan.

Norwegian economist Kari Due-Andresen has recently joined the renowned personalities from the world of finance and economics, who have recognized the importance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Kari Due-Andresen currently holds the position of Chief Economist at Norway at Handelsbanken, but she also has extensive experience in monetary policy at Norges Bank but also as a financial analyst at DNB Markets.

As you can see in the post above, Kari decided to post a simple post on her twitter account just a few hours ago that she is holding a Bitcoin, which immediately attracted a lot of positive reactions.

However, Kari Due-Andresen is not the only well-known figure from Norway who has shown an interest in Bitcoin. The March report from one of Norway’s richest people caused much more uproar.

Kjell Inge Røkke, as Executive Chairman at Aker of the company, also known as the Norwegian oil giant, announced that they were establishing a subsidiary to invest in the Bitcoin ecosystem.



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