The platform of Samecoin, which includes secure payment mechanisms for online purchases and more, offers a range of advantages to both companies and consumers. However, you might be unsure how to get hold of them. Let’s take a look at it.

What is the difference between Samecoin and SameUSD/EUR?

To begin, you must first comprehend the primary differences between Samecoin and its stablecoin family in order to comprehend how obtaining them differs.

The Samecoin utility token powers the whole ecosystem, while stablecoins like SameUSD and SameEUR are spendable currencies with several advantages for purchases and transactions.

How to get hold of Samecoin

Samecoin tokens are only available by fundraising transactions and a few other options as the utility token that powers the majority of the ecosystem.

Samecoin is available for purchase via the Samecoin Protocol and other investment drives. Samecoin is also credited by using the SamePay payment app on a regular basis.

When you stake Samecoin on SamePay, you will earn more Samecoin as savings or incentives. Samecoin that has been pre-mined is still available and can be obtained via the Samecoin IDO and IEO.

How to get hold of SameUSD and other stablecoins

Minting SameUSD or other stablecoins like SameEUR directly from or from the upcoming SamePay app is the simplest way to get them. Simply deposit another stablecoin to get the appropriate number in SameUSD. You won’t have to think about big price swings on a daily basis, any more than you will have to worry about your USD being worth more or less in a few days, thanks to SameUSD’s predictable existence.

SameUSD may be purchased with a debit card or other currencies such as Bitcoin directly from SamePay.

Another unique way to earn more SameUSD is to refer a friend to the system; each of you will receive a sum of SameUSD, so support Samecoin and yourself out by spreading the word.

On DEXs, you can also exchange other BSC or ETH cryptos for SameUSD.

The procedure for obtaining other stablecoins, such as SameEUR, is the same. Simply create SameEUR or buy it with other fiat or crypto currencies.

There are many advantages of keeping and using SameUSD, including much easier and less expensive online transfers, a secure valuation, and cashback rewards. More stablecoins will be added to the market soon, each bound to a different fiat currency, allowing citizens all over the world to make payments.

So, if you want to have more SameUSD, you now have a variety of choices to choose from. Getting SameUSD is easy, and while getting more Samecoin utility tokens has fewer opportunities, it’s still doable. In the near future, Samecoin will be available on a number of centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Samecoin is the way of the future in terms of online payments. So get started on your Samecoin portfolio as soon as possible.


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