The blockchain-based liquidity protocol, Kyber Network, announced the release of the world’s first Dynamic Market Maker (DMM).

“”After months of extensive research, we are very excited to unveil the mainnet beta release of the long-awaited Kyber Dynamic Market Maker (DMM) protocol! Starting from today, any liquidity provider can make optimal use of idle tokens by adding them to Kyber DMM pools, while any taker (e.g. Dapp, aggregator, or end user) can access this liquidity.|

The latest feature is designed for liquidity providers to optimize costs, income and bring high efficiency of capital.

“… there are a few important differences that we will highlight below. We also plan to further innovate on the UI in the near future so that it is tailored-made for the new, unique features of Kyber DMM.”

After in-depth research on the benefits of DMM over automated market makers (AMM), Luu The Advantage, co-founder of Kyber Network, concludes that the new liquidity protocol will pave the way for inequality. Who makes the most of the fledgling decentralized financial market (DeFi).


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