Clients of the Crypto Volatility Index (CVI), the lone decentralized monetary device of the COTI blockchain network, would now be able to send ETH flawlessly utilizing their Metamasks. Furthermore, new liquidity alternatives have been actuated.

As per the public statement, the COTI Network finished its most aggressive achievement in Q1 2021. In particular, its CVI Indicator is presently ready to flawlessly cooperate with the Ethereum (ETH) organization.

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Therefore, all CVI clients can associate their Metamask wallet (or any Ethereum wallet of a similar sort) and connect straightforwardly with all CVI instruments utilizing an ordinary 0x location.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen, CEO of COTI Network, diagrams the essential significance of new delivery for top-level merchants:

When we launched the first decentralized and permissionless crypto market fear index, also known as Crypto Volatility Index (CVI), our goal was to enable sophisticated traders to profit from the crypto market volatility or to hedge themselves against it. Adding ETH is another step towards our goal of bringing the best possible tools to the CVI platform users, and this is just the beginning.

Along these lines, Ethereum (ETH) wallet proprietors can purchase or sell CVI positions with their Ethers. Holders of the subsequent digital currency have one more freedom to profit by spikes in unpredictability on the crypto market.

The group focuses on that all Ether holders who purchase or sell CVI positions are qualified for twofold digit gas charge limits:

We expect to cut down an additional 18% of the gas costs, which brings us to 60% in total.


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