Jim Cramer, the host of Mad Money said that he had discovered an answer for save battling computer game retailers like Gamestop with the assistance of Bitcoin.

He recommended that Gamestop should fund-raise to purchase digital currency, at that point convert its 5,000 business areas into Bitcoin stores. Cramer accepts this thought will work.

He imagines that is the thing that Square and Paypal are doing, which “appears to be crazy” from the start, yet it really functions admirably beautiful “was ok“.

Cramer likewise called attention to that Nvidia is concocting designs cards for crypto:

“Last night on the unbelievably good Nvidia call, as a side note, they talked about March. [They’re] going to have some actual cards just for crypto. It really won’t be important for Nvidia, but it could be important for a place like Gamestop,”

Then he continued to explain:

If Gamestop were to turn itself into a 5,000-store introduction to crypto, make it so that they sell $1 billion worth of stock … and buy crypto with it, and then make it so it’s an international gaming place where you win bitcoin, I think you can justify the stock price.

“And it doesn’t have to be bitcoin. We can make it crypto,” he clarified. “But turn it into a crypto information palace and you have worldwide games, no latency, you play it.”


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