On Tuesday, Kraken announced that the total amount of ETH staking through its platform has now exceeded 500,000, as the Ethereum community continues to show support for the switch to PoS.

“Pleased to announce that the total amount of ether staked through its platform has now surpassed 500,000 ETH, as the Ethereum community continues to express its support for the much-awaited transition to proof of stake (PoS).”

Overall interest in staking services for Eth2 has increased by the end of 2020, leading to the launch of the beacon chain in December. The launch needs at least 16,384 participants to staking a minimum total amount of 524,288. ETH.

Members can stake on the Eth2 network themselves, in the event that they own at any rate 32 ETH and complete certain cycles, Kraken’s assertion noted. Kraken ETH marking, notwithstanding, is more easy to understand and requires less capital.

“Staking on Kraken can be done in just three clicks and is open to anyone,” the statement said. “Clients can stake from as little as just 0.00001 ETH, which is currently worth a little under 2 cents.”

ETH marked autonomously should be held bolted uncertainly until certain Eth2 advancements are met. ETH marked on Kraken works under more adaptable boundaries, contingent upon administrative prerequisites of specific locales, said the explanation.

As indicated by a Feb. 16 blog entry, Coinbase has opened a shortlist for those keen on marking ETH on its foundation. Binance started offering ETH marking in December 2020, with Kraken opening marking on its foundation that very month.


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