Bitcoin whale watchers are tracking the movement of two BTC transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars that were sent at the exact same time.

On March 22nd, whale watching bot Whale Alert spotted the transfer of 2,490 BTC worth over $141 million from one wallet of unknown origin to another unknown wallet. The transaction took place at 6:46:36 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or 11:46 AM Pacific Time

At precisely the same time, down to the very second, a large entity shifted 2,845 BTC worth $161.2 million between two wallets of unknown origins.

The timing suggests that the same person or organization is behind the transfers. The high-rolling entity could have been one individual moving their Bitcoin at exactly the same time from two separate wallets. It could also be an exchange or organization moving their crypto assets in a coordinated fashion.

However, it is also possible that the transactions are from two whales who fired off the transfers coincidentally.

The recent whale spotting comes amid a recent Santiment report that Bitcoin’s biggest whales have been quietly buying up BTC on the dip as the flagship cryptocurrency consolidates under the $60,000 level.

Source: DailyHodl


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