Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission has prohibited crypto exchanges from trading memes and fan-based tokens.

Thailand's Securities commission has outlawed the trade of meme or supporter tokens, NFTs, and exchange-issued tokens on digital asset exchanges.

Hoard Exchange Debuts NFT Marketplace With Borrowing And Loaning Protocol

The Hoard Exchange is launching its NFT marketplace on the Ethereum mainnet today, following its planned roadmap, intending to provide actual...

For the first time in the Netherlands, NFTs were seized

The Dutch police seized non-fungible tokens for the first time in history as part of an inquiry into the leakage of private...


Elon Musk, business maker for DOGE? When an SNL skit looms, meme currency rises.

No single man should possess too much Wow-er. DOGE is about to make its big-screen debut.

The US Bank, the country’s fifth-largest banking institution, will now have cryptocurrency custody services.

In a blog post published on April 27, the American bank holding company U.S. Bank announced that it would provide cryptocurrency...

KuCoin Ventures Invests in Antmons in a Strategic Partnership

The blockchain-based real-time game Antmons is set to receive a grand investment from the popular crypto exchange KuCoin. The announcement about the...
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Colombian President’s Advisor: Bitcoin Is the Most Brilliant Piece of Software

The Advisor to the Colombian president talks about Bitcoin, his views about the asset, the country’s stance on it, and more. 

CBOE Futures Exchange Submits Application To List Bitcoin ETF

President Biden’s pick to run the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission says Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are triggering transformational change in the world...

Lark Davis Warns Most Crypto Investors Will Lose 90% This Cycle – Here’s His...

Popular influencer Lark Davis is warning that most investors will lose money in spite of rising prices in...


In 2020, Argo Blockchain will offer sales growth.

There are many parallels between digital currency mining and online gaming. Let's start with the most simple, which is that you'll have...

Zambia Explores Creating its Own Digital Currency After Bashing Crypto

After criticizing bitcoin and the alternative coins, Zambia’s central bank said it will complete its CBDC research by the year’s end.

Altcoin Ecosystem Built on Ethereum (ETH) Primed for Serious Gains, According to Closely Followed...

A popular crypto trader thinks one decentralized finance (DeFi) altcoin built on Ethereum (ETH) is on the verge of a big...

Genesis Report Highlights ‘Emerging Role’ of Ethereum and Defi in Q2 2021

Genesis Digital, a leading cryptocurrency trading, lending, and custody desk, released its Q2 reports, where it confirms what it calls the “emerging...

Investors can get a presale discount from Diem.

Diem, supported by Facebook, is almost ready to debut, with a presale discount for early investors announced on the project's presale...


What’s the best way to get Samecoin, SameUSD, and SameEUR?

The platform of Samecoin, which includes secure payment mechanisms for online purchases and more, offers a range of advantages to both companies...